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Cubet supports bot aggregates data to illustrate your customer experience journeys in real-time, providing a visualization and pointing out the existence of knowledge gaps. Bot helps leading-edge analytics enable businesses to identify and address these knowledge gaps and optimize where needed, bridging the gap between consumers and brands.


Chatbots are conversational robots, that simulate conversation, and can interact with both users and services.

Conversational bots

Can make self-service more human via our via technology that uniquely combines AI, NLP and Machine Learning technologies.

Multi-Language support

The chatbot platform supports neural language models for multiple languages.

Deploy in Multiple Channels

Built once and instantly make available on multiple channels like websites, Facebook messenger etc.

Interactive Smartcards

Don’t be restricted to just text – make your bots expressive with rich interactive cards that can render rich data in button model generating a great user experience.

Multiple Industry domain handlers

The Bot can be trained by running them through industry-specific domain handlers. So it can handle linguistic, colloquial and domain-specific context (Banking, Insurance, Retail, Automotive, Healthcare, Education etc.) for more meaningful responses.

Real-time Analytics

Not just track who’s using the bot and what requests are flowing through different channels – more importantly, you can use the feedback from failed conversations to train the bot to respond better.

Use Cases



Looking for a nearby ATM

I can helpout, what is your current location ?



I'm near to Karama metro station.

You have one very near by, here is the location :www.google.co.in/maps/place/abc



Thank you

You are welocme !




I need an appointment with Dr Ahmed

Sure, do you have a patient id ?



Yes, its 312545

Thank you, when are you planning to visit us ?



Can you book it on 30th of October

Sure, you appoitment has been booked, confimration number is 125222


How our chatbot work?

A typical ChatBot maps a sentence into a so called intent, start with a greeting intent every time. With every intent are associated a set of responses. The bot picks up one of these responses and sends it back to the user. This is done so as to give a more natural feel to the bot by avoiding sending the exact same response again and again.

Chatbot , a way for users to interact with an organisation. It can be one of the keys to success of a business since it provides immediate communication with the customers. A chatbot can speak in our own language and can offer support to the customers and answer their questions. By adding a chatbot interface to our app, website or even to social channels, an efficient and fast customer communication can be ensured.

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